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Stop Calling Me Girl Film Series

Stop Calling Me Girl Film Series


During the 2011-2012 academic year, Estrella Mountain Community College Sociology Professor Olga Tsoudis embarked on a sabbatical to create a documentary focused on third wave feminism. During this time, Dr. Tsoudis interviewed 185 people in 6 cities and gathered their voices and experiences to create the Stop Calling Me Girl Film Series.  But what exactly is third wave feminism?

Women’s rights have been a long debated and “hot” political topic in the United States as women have struggled for centuries to gain equality. The first wave of feminism struggled to obtain the right to vote. The second wave of feminism focused on social institutions including education, the law, the workplace and the home. The third wave of feminism focuses on learning from the failures and successes of the past two waves, in addition to creating a new vision for feminism in the United States.  The third wave is quite conscious of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities and social class; thus, promoting inclusion of these social categories in the fight for women’s rights. Furthermore, third wave feminism focuses on the inclusion of feminist men as well as further examining the negative effects of society on boys and men.

The twelve documentaries of the Stop Calling Me Girl Film Series explore these topics through candid interviews with leaders against these struggles as well as individuals facing these struggles, delving into the very real impact these issues have on their lives and the lives of those they care about. These documentaries are available for streaming to the students and employees of Estrella Mountain Community College and can be reached through the links below.

There is also a Resource Manual and Photo Gallery available for these documentaries.

If you have any questions regarding this project, you can reach Dr. Tsoudis at .