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Differences Between Magazines, Newspapers and Journals

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Differences Between Magazines, Newspapers and Journals

Types of Articles Popular Popular Scholarly


Sports Illustrated


Arizona Republic

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

Current Research in Social Psychology

Environmental Research

Journal of Open Innovation

Value and Uses
  • Current events and news
  • Brief, factual information
  • Short articles
  • Interviews
  • News stories
  • Current information
  • Local and regional focus
  • Analysis and opinion of current events
  • Reports of original research
  • In-depth analysis of topics
  • Lengthy articles
  • Statistical information
Authors Journalists Journalists Researchers, academics, scholars
Sources Original sources can be obscure Sources are rarely cited in full Footnotes and bibliographies
Publishers Commercial / trade publisher Commercial / trade publisher Professional organizations, universities, research institutes and scholarly presses
  • Many graphics and photos
  • Glossy ads
  • Photos, graphics and charts
  • Many ads
  • Graphs, charts and tables
  • Ads are very rare