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POS110/220 Political Science Legal Research

This guide is designed to help you locate pertinent resources on constitutional issues including information on amendments and court cases.

Court Case Research

Federal Case Research

The following sites are great resources for researching legal issues related to the US Constitution and Federal Law.

Arizona Courts

  • Arizona Judicial Branch
    Search court cases by selecting the Find A Court Case box. After entering the characters in the verification box, search cases by name or case number.  Search Arizona Supreme Court Opinions by selecting the Opinions box. Opinions can be searched by year.
  • Judicial Branch of Arizona
    Select Case Search to view case information. This search requires name or case number.
  • Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library Resource Center
    Contains links and guides for Legal Research, Research Tools, Self Help Resources and Legal Directories.

Arizona Case Research

The following resources allow Arizona specific searches for case information. Some of the information may be limited in scope.

Recommend Library Resources

  • Credo Reference
    Provides short, quick topic articles for initial exploration.
  • Opposing Viewpoints
    Allows you to explore both sides of controversial issues; see the Law and Politics category for a number of issues related to constitutional law.
  • Ebook Central
    rovides access to electronic books that explore the background of topics.
  • EBSCOhost Articles, Academic OneFile and JSTOR
    Provide access to scholarly articles for greater depth on specific details.
  • ONE Search 
    Allows you to search the electronic resources and physical items available through the Estrella Mountain Community College Library.