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SOC 212 - Sociology of Gender

Sociology of Gender Research Guide

Streaming Films

Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood

  • Description: "Why do boys underachieve? How does celebrity culture influence the self-esteem of young girls? In an atmosphere dominated by sex and consumerism, are children growing up too quickly? This program addresses those issues, reporting on a group of 25 eight-year-olds as they adjust to gender roles and expectations." -  BBC

Other Suggested Films: 

  • A Girl's Life, with Rachel Simmons -“Girls entering adulthood in the next decade will see more opportunities than today's women ever imagined. But will these girls stride confidently through newly opened doors, or are they destined to be stunted by societal messages that tell them females should be constantly agreeable, impossibly thin, and sexy above all else? Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence in the 2010…” - PBS Distribution. (60 minutes)
  • The Secret Life of Boys - “Is male youth violence one result of the societally imposed demand for men to seem strong and silent ? ” - ABC News 20/20. (24 minutes)
  • The Men's Movement - “Men are marching on Washington, finding religion, taking on new community responsibilities, bonding with each other, weeping openly, and discussing their relationships. Just what are men up to, and what, exactly, has prompted this drastic change in behavior? Some say it is the natural outcome of the feminist movement and the resulting change in male roles.” – University of Notre Dame (29 minutes)
  • Bacha Posh: You Will Be a Boy, My Daughter -“In Afghanistan, an old tradition allows families without a son to transform one of their daughters into a boy. These little girls, known as bacha posh, spend their early years dressed as boys and are accorded all the privileges and responsibilities of being male – Java Films (53 minutes

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