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Finding Sources to Support an Academic Argument

Conduct Focused Research

  • When you have a narrow focus for your academic argument, it will be much easier to find the pieces of support that you need; you will be able to limit your reading to just the pertinent sources. 
  • As you research, consider making an outline of your argument and looking at the support you have in each area; this can help you see what support you still need to find.
  • As you conduct your focused research, you will probably want access to a wider range of information. This may include electronic books and videos.

Electronic Books

Ebook Central - This resource provides access to thousands of electronic books. Features include an online bookshelf, highlighting and notetaking tools.

EBSCOhost eBooks - Search electronic books on a variety of topics and disciplines.




Films On Demand Streaming Videos - This resource provides access to thousands of online videos right from your computer.