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This guide is designed for students in the Honors Program at Estrella Mountain Community College. You will find resources and tools to help with your Honors Projects and research papers. Please contact the library if you need any assistance.

Step 2: Select a Topic

You may have been given a topic for your assignment. If not, you will need to select a topic that interests you within the assignment parameters. Examine your assignment and fully understand what you are being asked to do. 

Examples of some things to be familiar with:

How many sources are required?

Example: 3 journal articles, 2 books

Where can these sources come from?

Example: books, databases, websites, videos

Do the sources need to be scholarly? 

Example: Do they need to come from journals or can they be from popular sources like magazines or newspapers

Library Databases Can Help With Topic Ideas

If you have not been given a topic, you will need to select one that interests you within the assignment parameters. The library databases can be helpful with generating topic ideas. 

Opposing Viewpoints will contain topic overviews, pro/con articles from books, academic journals and much more. You can view different topics on the Browse Issues Page.

CQ Researcher reports on current and controversial issues with complete summaries, pros and cons, bibliographies and more. Topics can be viewed on the Browse Sections By Topic Page.

Video - Picking Your Topic IS Research

View this brief video about topic selection and the recursive research process.