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ENG 101/091: A Modest Proposal

Library Resources

From the library homepage you have access to a series of resources to help locate information for your assignment. For a brief introduction to the library homepage, view the Quick Library Page Introduction video.

Popular vs. Scholarly Articles

You will be working with different types of articles for this assignment. This chart will give some comparisons between popular and scholarly articles. Research Journals contain scholarly articles and Popular Magazines and Newspapers contain popular articles. Both types of articles can be located within the library databases. 

Depending on which database you are searching, they may call scholarly articles by different names.

Scholary = Peer Reviewed = Academic Journals

Library Databases

You may need to login with your MEID and Password in order to access these resources off campus. 

Resources to consider include:

  • EBSCOhost - Contains full-text articles on a variety of subjects and disciplines. Has capabilities of searching general and subject specific databases.

View a brief video on how to do a search in EBSCOhost.

EBSCOhost search tip #1: On the "Choose Databases by Subject" page select the databases you want to search based on your research topic. At the very least, select the General databases (these are the largest ones).

EBSCOhost search tip #2: On the beginning search page (where the search box appears), always select the "Full text" box and if you want to view only Scholarly articles, the "Scholary (Peer Reviewed) Journals" box too.

  • Academic OneFile - Full-text article database that contains information on a variety of disciplines and subjects. 

View a brief video on Academic OneFile.

Academic OneFile search tip: Start your search from the "Advanced Search" screen. Under More Options, select the box "Full Text Documents" and if you want to view scholarly articles only, "Peer-Reviewed Journals"

  • Opposing Viewpoints - Articles on current and controversial issues sourced from academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

View a brief video on Opposing Viewpoints.

Search Tips

If you are searching for a topic that involves more than one keyword, (e.g. minimum wage or college tuition) place “quotes” around your keywords like this:

"minimum wage"

"college tuition"

This will give you more specific search results.


Additionally, you may also combine keywords with the word and.

"minimum wage" and legislation

"college tuition" and debt

Combining keywords will help narrow a search.



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