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RDG 100: Dahmer Word Project

Library Resources

From the library homepage you have access to a series of resources to help locate information for your assignment. For a brief introduction to the library homepage, view the Quick Library Page Introduction video.

You may need to login with your MEID and Password in order to access these resources off campus. 

Resources to consider include:

  • Oxford English Dictionary - Locate definitions and usage of words and phrases. Also contains information on word origins (etymology) and early usage.
  • Credo Reference - Contains reference information in varying disciplines. This will help with locating multiple word definitions from specialized dictionaries.

Credo Reference Search Tip - How to narrow down results to dictionaries only: After doing a search for your word, click on the "All Types" button towards the top of the page and select "Definitions".

  • The US Major Dailies Database - National newspaper database. This includes full-text articles from the nation's leading newspapers. Helpful for locating information about how your word is understood in our culture. See the Search Tip section below for suggestions on searching this database.

US Major Dailies Search Tip - Select the Full text option on the beginning search page

  • Arizona Republic Database - Local newspaper database. Includes full-text articles from the Arizona Republic Newspaper. Utilize this database for locating local information on how your word is understood in our culture.

AZ Republic Search Tip - Select the Full text option on the beginning search page

Search Tips

If you are searching for a topic that involves more than one keyword, (e.g. rubik's cube or popular culture) place “quotes” around your keywords like this:

"rubik's cube"

"popular culture"

This will give you more specific search results.


Additionally, you may also combine keywords with the word and.

"rubik's cube" and "popular culture"

fashion and art

Combining keywords will help narrow a search.


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